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W’ZIS Dog Treats

W'ZIS Dog Treats

Most dog treat brands have packaging and products that feel like they belong in the baby food aisle—childish, smelly, and boring. Or they’re just functional with ugly packaging, and we can’t imagine why anyone would buy them for their beloved pets. We believe there’s room for something better.

So, we made a pact at the pub—no more boring treats, no more of the same old stuff that’s been around since the ’70s. For you and your dogs, we’ve created a different kind of treat—a treat that engages all your senses.

W’ZIS: A New Kind of Dog Treat!

Ban the bone is the mantra we chant when we need to remind ourselves why we created W’ZIS. Simply put, we say no to dull, brown and bone shape treats. The generic, unimaginative stuff peddled to our pooches by beige, probably bored executives of the big pet food corporates.

Let’s throw some shapes infused with colour and toss out the unwanted ingredients. So for you and our dogs, we promise a new experience — a treat that plays to all our senses.

W’ZIS Are All About The Dogs

At W’ZIS, we’re all about our four dogs—Pepper, Marmite, Greta, and our imaginary friend, Dave. Plus, there are four of us dog owners who were tired of the same old dog treats. We’re based in Brighton, where it sometimes feels like there are more dogs than people, especially after the 2020 dog boom caused by the pandemic. Dogs are everywhere in our city.

Meet W’ZIS (what’s this)—a name your dog will recognize right away. No training needed. What is it? It’s a treat that’s unlike any other. It’s pocket-friendly, it smells good to dogs but won’t make you gag, and it comes in a cool tin that’s perfect for those moments when you need your dog to listen. And it’s healthy and vegan. No weird stuff. Why use meat when plants work just as well? We’re not saying go 100% vegan (though it’s a great idea), but these treats are doing their part to help the planet.

This is just the beginning; we’ve got more exciting W’ZIS treats coming soon. We’re all about dogs—sorry, cats, we love you, but this is for the dog lovers.


Level 6 Vantage Point
New England Street
United Kingdom