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Longer Lasting Chews & Treats For Dogs


Discover our longer lasting treats and chews for dogs and puppies. Long-lasting dog chews serve as a solution to curb destructive chewing tendencies, saving your furniture from becoming a casualty.

The other benefits of our longer lasting dog treats and chews are:

Long Lasting Treats Helps Teeth and Gums – Long lasting chews play a pivotal role in maintaining excellent oral and dental health, effectively cleaning your dog’s teeth with each chew.

The act of chewing not only contributes to dental hygiene but also triggers the release of endorphins, providing a soothing and calming effect for your dog.

Which Is The Best Long Lasting Chew – Choosing the right dog chew is paramount for your pet’s well-being. For spirited chewers and larger dogs, our long lasting dog chews offer the right balance of toughness to prevent dental issues like tooth damage.

As an example, Yak Milk Bars a chew that not only endures but also brings additional health benefits due to its calcium-rich cow milk content.

Longer Lasting Air Dried Chews – Optimal longer lasting dog chews like pig ears, pizzle sticks, and buffalo ears are meticulously air-dried over an extended period. Made from single protein and natural ingredients, they attain a sturdy texture while remaining gentle on the digestive system — a distinction from rawhide chews.

When selecting a long lasting dog chew, careful consideration is essential, especially for aggressive chewers. Certain options, like deer antlers, suit gentle gnawing, while the intense texture might pose risks for robust chewers, potentially causing tooth damage.

Choose wisely to ensure your dog’s joy and well-being.