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Innovation in the dog treat market is driven by a commitment to providing dogs with delicious and nutritious options that cater to their specific dietary requirements and preferences. Whether you have a Chihuahua or a Great Dane, a puppy or a senior dog, there are treats tailored to every canine’s needs.

Antler Dog Chews – Beef –  Camel – Chicken – Duck – Fish – Lamb
Ostrich – Pork – Rabbit – Venison – Yak Milk

Treats For DogsRuff Pet Products are retailers and wholesalers of dried chews & treats for dogs of all ages, breeds and sizes.  From longer lasting chews for aggressive chewers and training chews for young puppies to softer treats for older dogs.  The Ruff Pet range of natural and healthy dog treats are made from dried beef, buffalo, chicken, pork, fish, ostrich, rabbit and duck.

W'ZIS Dog Treats

Meet W’ZIS Dog Treats. What’s This? A name your dog will recognize right away. No training needed. What is it? It’s a treat that’s unlike any other. It’s pocket-friendly, it smells good to dogs but won’t make you gag, and it comes in a cool tin that’s perfect for when you need your dog to listen. And it’s healthy and vegan. No weird stuff. We’re not saying go 100% vegan (though it’s a great idea), but these treats are doing their part to help the planet.

Blue Pet Co Treats For DogsBlue Pet Co are as passionate about the marine environment as we are about dogs. Seaweeds and algae are recognised across the world as a highly nutritious superfood, just as beneficial for animal as humans. Our range of clean, marine powered nutritional supplements are enriched in organic seaweed complexes and micronutrients, carefully selected to take care of your dog’s specific health needs.

Coucour Himalayan Dog Treats

The Coucour range of cheese bone is a long lasting chew for dogs based on a traditional Himalayan recipe. This 100% natural treat is made in Belgium with cow’s milk (meadow milk) and is not to be mistaken for the commonly available ‘Himalayan yak milk chew’ from China. This snack is low in lactose, contains no additives, is rich in proteins and calcium and is great for dental hygiene.

Gunnis Fish Treats From Iceland

Gunni’s of Iceland are for dogs or cats that prefer fish?  Gunni’s pure Icelandic fish treats are made with identified, traceable fish only from sustainable, managed Icelandic fisheries – and gently dried by volcanoes!  Well, geothermal Icelandic renewable energy anyway! Pure fish treats, chews and omega morsels. Choose from Cod, Wolffish, Salmon or Herring.

Hugo & Celine Dog Treats

Beautifully presented, pure and healthy meat treats from Hugo & Celine of Sweden.  These single protein meat treats can be used every day or to help manage allergies using novel proteins such as moose, wild boar or venison.  Classy and stylish enough to give them as gifts to your friends and family!  Fun, yet functional.  Whiffy for humans, wonderful for dogs.

Complete Pet Company Dog TreatsThe Complete Pet Company range of pure meat treats produced with single, novel proteins that are perfectly delicious natural doggie rewards – for everyday or to help manage allergies following limited ingredient diets. Free from artificial flavours, colours and completely free of any preservatives too.  Novel proteins such as wild boar, rabbit, pheasant or venison to help treat your dog.

Soopa Plant Based Dog Treats

Soopa Pets produce 100% natural plant based dog treats. Providing only the very best in doggy nutrition and being passionate about health choices for dogs are the core values of the Soopa brand. All Soopa products – Dental Sticks, Healthy Training Bites and All Natural Chews- are 100% plant-based and natural and tick all the benefits customers really care about: hypoallergenic, grain/wheat free, high-quality human-grade ingredients, low fat, low calorie and with 100% recyclable packaging.

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