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dog treats



Dog Treat Gift Cards: Pamper your dog with our Dog Treat Gift Cards! Treat your dog to delicious, healthy delights. Gift a wagging tail and happy woofs today Gift Cards

Dog Treat Subscriptions: Join the pack with our longer lasting Dog Treat Subscription Service! Deliver joy and health to your dog’s doorstep. Subscribe now for tail-wagging happiness every month Subscriptions

Dog Treat Discount Codes: Fetch fantastic savings with our exclusive Discount Codes for long lasting dog treats. Don’t miss out on tasty deals for your dog. Claim your discount today and make treat time even sweeter Discount Codes

Antlers: Indulge your dog with our all-natural Antlers – a hearty, long-lasting chew that supports dental health and provides essential minerals. Your dog will enjoy hours of contentment while keeping their teeth clean and strong. Read more about our Antler Chews for Dogs

Beef Treats: Treat your dog to the rich flavour of our Beef Treats! Made from beef, these savoury snacks are not only delicious but also packed with protein to keep your dog energised and satisfied. Your dog won’t be able to resist their meaty goodness. Read more about out Beef Treats for dogs.

Hooves: Give your dog the joy of chewing on our Hooves – a natural way to alleviate boredom and promote dental hygiene. These tough, long-lasting options are perfect for dedicated chewers and provide a safe outlet for your pup’s chewing instincts.
Read more about our Hooves for dogs.

Buffalo: Delight your dog’s taste buds with our Buffalo treats and chews. Rich in flavour and packed with nutrients, these treats are a wholesome choice for dogs with sensitive stomachs or allergies. Let your dog savour the unique taste of the wild with every bite.
Read more about our Buffalo Treats for dogs.

Fish Treats: Boost your dog’s health with our Omega-3-rich Fish Treats. These delectable bites not only offer a tantalising taste but also support healthy skin, a glossy coat, and joint mobility. Treat your dog to a taste of the sea while giving them a nourishing snack. Read more about our Fish Treats for dogs.

Longer Lasting Chews: Keep your dog happily occupied with our Longer Lasting Chews. Crafted to provide extended chewing satisfaction, these treats are perfect for strong jaws and provide mental and dental benefits. Choose from a variety of options to cater to your dog’s preferences. Read more about our Longer Lasting Chews for dogs.

Medium Lasting Chews: For moderate chewers, our Medium Lasting Chews strike the perfect balance between flavour and durability. These treats offer a satisfying chewing experience without being too tough, making
them ideal for a wide range of dogs. Read more about our Medium Lasting Chews for dogs.

Pork Treats: Indulge your dog with our Pork Treats, made from pork that’s bursting with taste. These treats are not only delicious but also a great source of protein to keep your dog strong and active. Your dog won’t be able to resist these mouth watering snacks. Read more about our Pork Treats for dogs.

Chicken Treats: Our Chicken Treats are rich in flavour and protein, making them an excellent choice for training or simply showing your dog some love. Enjoy the wagging tail and happy dance that follows. Read more about our Chicken Treats for dogs.

Training Treats: When you need a quick fix to reward good behaviour, our Training Treats are the answer. These smaller treats are perfect keeping in your pocket when you are on the go or for smaller dogs who prefer a bite-sized indulgence. Keep
your dog happy and motivated with these tasty morsels. Read more about our Training Treats for dogs.

Rabbit Treats: Our Rabbit Treats are a protein-packed option that’s gentle on sensitive tummies. These treats are not only delicious but also offer a unique taste that your dog will love. Read more about our Rabbit Treats for dogs.

Sausages: Satisfy your dog’s cravings with our savoury Sausages. Made from high-quality ingredients, these treats are a delicious way to reward your pup or simply share a moment of joy. Break off a piece and watch the tail-wagging delight unfold. Read more about our Sausages for dogs.

Yak Chews: Give your dog the joy of our Yak Chews – a durable and natural option that’s perfect for hours of chewing delight. Made from yak milk, these treats are tough yet gentle on teeth, making them a fantastic choice for enthusiastic chewers. Read more about our Yak Chews for dogs.