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Dog Treat Discounts For Dog Groomers & Dog Walkers

Are you a groomer who is looking to earn a little bit extra and want to offer your clients a range of natural dog treats?  From small bags of fish treats to larger mixed bags for a greater choice.

At Ruff Pet, we’ve got something special just for you, so we’re excited to offer an exclusive 15% discount on our premium Ruff Pet natural dog treats.

Why Ruff Pet Treats? Our treats are naturally healthy, dried and long lasting to keep those tails wagging. Our products are bagged for your convenience to offer to your customers excellent quality and value.

How to Get Your Discount: Simply use the code “GROOM15” at checkout on our website. Spread the word, and let your fellow groomers know about this awesome deal!

Visit our website today and treat your furry clients to some tail-wagging goodness: By offering this discount, you not only provide added value to your clients but also create a well-rounded and caring environment for their beloved pets.

Please contact us if you have any question using the form below.

Here’s a list of benefits for dog groomers to use the discount code as the best way to extend their offerings to dog owners:

Enhanced Customer Loyalty: Offering a discount on premium Ruff Pet dog treats demonstrates your commitment to your customers’ pets, fostering loyalty.

Value-Added Service: It allows you to provide more than grooming services, giving dog owners a one-stop-shop for their pet needs.

Healthier Rewards: Ruff Pet treats are made from all-natural ingredients, promoting the well-being of the dogs you groom.

Varied Selection: Ruff Pet offers a wide range of treats to cater to different dietary needs and taste preferences.

Attract New Clients: Promoting this discount can help attract new clients seeking holistic and quality pet products.

Increased Revenue: Expanding your offerings can be a revenue booster, especially when bundled with grooming services.

Differentiation: Setting yourself apart from competitors by providing an added service that benefits both dogs and their owners.

Client Satisfaction: Satisfied and well-treated pets mean happy clients. Happy clients lead to recommendations and repeat business.

Convenience: Clients can conveniently purchase treats alongside their grooming appointments, saving them time and effort.

Comprehensive Care: Showcasing a holistic approach to pet care by offering treats can help fulfill all aspects of a pet’s well-being.

Educational Opportunities: Use the treats as an opportunity to educate clients about nutrition and pet health.

Improved Reputation: Aligning with quality brands like Ruff Pet can enhance your reputation as a trusted pet professional.

Holistic Care: Promoting healthy treats as part of your service portfolio adds to the overall health and happiness of the dogs you groom.

Increased Client Engagement: Engage with clients on a new level, fostering discussions about pet nutrition and care.

Growth Potential: As your treat offerings expand, it opens doors to further product sales, such as toys, accessories, and more.

Client Retention: Encourage repeat business as clients return not only for grooming but also for premium treats.

Positive Feedback: Positive responses from satisfied clients can lead to valuable reviews and referrals.

Sustainability: Supporting quality, all-natural products aligns with modern consumer preferences for sustainable and healthy options.

Community Involvement: Supporting local businesses like Ruff Pet shows that you’re invested in the community.

Tailored Packages: Consider offering package deals combining grooming and treat purchases, making it even more appealing for clients.

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