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Cows Hoof Chews & Treats For Dogs & Puppies

Cow’s Hoof Treats, Chews & Snacks For Dogs

Indulge your dog with our all-natural Cow’s Hoof Chews – a hearty, long-lasting treat that supports dental health and provides essential nutrients. Whether you’re looking for single hooves or bulk options, we offer a variety of cow’s hoof chews at competitive prices, including special discount codes and wholesale deals. These chews are perfect for keeping your dog entertained and their teeth clean and strong. Discover more about the benefits and variety of our Cow’s Hoof Chews for Dogs below.

Cow’s Hoof Chewing Treats For Dogs & Puppies

Give your dog the joy of chewing on our Hooves – a natural way to alleviate boredom and promote dental hygiene. These tough, long-lasting hooves are perfect for dedicated chewers and provide a safe outlet for your dog’s chewing instincts. Read more about our Hooves for dogs. Cow Hooves provide lasting enjoyment, whether enjoyed as they are or filled with your dog’s favourite treats.

Natural – These cow hooves undergo a meticulous process of cleaning, trimming, cooking, and drying, all without the involvement of artificial preservatives or chemicals.

Gluten-Free and Wholesome – Catering to sensitive tummies, these hooves are gluten-free, ensuring a treat that’s gentle on your dog’s digestion.

High in Protein: These hooves boast a significant protein content, offering a fulfilling and nourishing option for your dog.

Dental Health: These hooves act as a natural tool, aiding in the maintenance of your dog’s dental health as they chew.

Low Fat, High Value: Striving for balanced nutrition, these hooves are low in fat, elevating their value as a beneficial addition to your dog’s diet.

Cow Hooves are a natural healthy treat for your dog.

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